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Fuses & Accessories

6FF0.16N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.16A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.16N
Price: $2.67
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.1N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.1A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.1N
Price: $3.17
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.25N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.25A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.25N
Price: $3.17
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.315N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.315A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.315N
Price: $2.83
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.4N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.4A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.4N
Price: $2.67
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.5N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.5A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.5N
Price: $1.50
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.63N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.63A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.63N
Price: $2.58
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF0.8N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 0.8A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF0.8N
Price: $1.50
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF1.6N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 1.6A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF1.6N
Price: $2.58
Quantity in Basketnone

6FF1N : Velleman 6.35 x 32mm 1A FAST ACTING FUSE (10 PCS/box)

Code: 6FF1N
Price: $1.50
Quantity in Basketnone