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Do you have a question that no one seems to know the answer to? Post it on our forum to access inventors and prototypers worldwide. Login to our brand new DesignNotes.com Inventor's Forum and post questions, messages, design suggestions, etc. Go Ahead! Give it a shot! Try out our new DesignNotes.com: Designer & Inventor Forum!


New!  The Engineer’s Companion, a collection of FAQs respected by engineers worldwide for over 12 years, is now hosted by DesignNotes. Find out what you need to know about failures, quality, ethics, innovation and other topics important to engineers at the Engineer’s Companion. Click here!

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Inventors Interest:

You Can Make Your Own Prototype
Are you trying to piece together a prototype of your invention? Not sure how to do it or where to get your parts? DesignNotes.com can help. We supply inventors with electrical and mechanical components that allow you to realize your idea. Keep reading to learn more about prototyping methods that you can use to develop your prototype.

Mechanical Prototyping
We specialize in easy to use silicone and polyurethane molding and casting products. Silicone molds bridge the gap between individually machined prototypes and injection molded production parts. Our molding and casting materials are of the best quality and consistency for the most accurate polyurethane reproductions with no shrinkage! Using our "Make-a-mold" and "Make-a-part" materials, you can create plastic parts in a matter of hours.

Electrical Prototyping
We provide off-the-shelf electronic kits and development boards to bring your ideas to life quickly. Kits require assembly and development boards are fully assembled and ready to go. Do you need to control your invention with a microcontroller? Take a look at K8048.

Tools and Accessories
At DesignNotes.com, you can get everything you need from our online store. In addition to the mechanical and electrical prototyping products mentioned above, we also have tools, test equipment, components, connectors, switches, and various other products that may prove to be useful. Please stop by often as we add new products on a regular basis.

Why pay more? Do it yourself!
DesignNotes.com gives you the freedom to create your own prototypes. Our mechanical and electrical prototyping products are perfect for making works-like prototypes. What type of prototype do you need? Click here to find out.


External Links for Inventors
Inventors, are you looking for more resources on the Internet? Please click on one of our helpful links!

National Inventors Hall of Fame

United Inventors Association

US Patent and Trademark Office

Give an Old TV a Rerun - A/V Transmitter Kit: K4601 ; RCA Cables: AVW150-1.5, AVW150-10, AVW150-5; Twin Wire Substitute: K/LOW1



Hobbyists Interest:

External Links for Hobbyists
Hobbyists, are you looking for more resources on the Internet? Please click on one of our helpful links!

The Man Behind the Google Phone - An electronic hobbyist!

Interesting Projects

How to Get Started on an Electronic Hobby

Inventors of the Modern Computer - A little history behind the hobbyist.

The Robot Group

Give an Old TV a Rerun - A/V Transmitter Kit: K4601 ; RCA Cables: AVW150-1.5, AVW150-10, AVW150-5; Twin Wire Substitute: K/LOW1




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